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Last week our team started to discuss the title for the NEW Tozer book. This is the next book in the ‘never before published’ series of new Tozer works, and Book Four in the Tozer Library project. Book Two is currently titled Reclaiming Christianity, and it is due to release later this year in mid-2009.

Book Three is currently titled And He Dwelt Among Us and it features some of Tozer’s lost teaching from the Gospel of John. More to come on this book later. Once we have some of the content finalized, we’ll create a page and post it up here.

Book Four book releases in February of 2010, and the topic is living as a Christian, living the Christian life. I believe one of the chapter titles is “On Fashioning Ourselves As Christians” in appropriate Tozer language.

If you have any brilliant title ideas for this book, send them to us and we’ll post them up here for comments! : )


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